What is the EFT Tapping Summit?

What is the EFT Tapping Summit?

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a relatively new but fast evolving treatment that falls within the field of Energy Psychology and is practiced by energy healers, spiritualists, scientists, and anyone who has learned how to apply the technique on themselves.

Sometimes referred to as psychological acupressure, it works on the energy system by releasing blockages that may be the source of intense emotional discomfort and even pain. It is believed that blockages in the energy system can lead to behaviors, limiting beliefs, and an inability to live a harmonious life.

Emotional symptoms caused by blockages in the energy system include lack of self-esteem, feelings of anxiety, depression, or the development of addictive or compulsive behaviors. It has now also become widely accepted that emotional problems can cause physical disease and it is for this reason that therapists are using EFT extensively on physical issues such as chronic diseases, often with astounding results.

EFT is also becoming more and more accepted by the medical and psychiatric professions in addition to the energy healing and psychotherapy disciplines. Since its inception in the 1990’s by the founder of the technique, Gary Craig, thousands of people have found relief from all types of emotional and physical problems, sometimes after exhausting all other avenues of searching for a cure.

Because EFT is such a simple technique to learn, it can be used as a self-help tool providing individuals with astounding opportunities to achieving emotional and physical well-being, often in incredibly short periods of time. The technique awakens awareness and restores trust in the natural ability of the mind and body to heal itself. EFT does not discredit the psycho-therapeutic or medical professions, rather it contributes to a holistic healing process.

EFT Summits

There are several EFT summits held all year round in certain parts of the world. Below are a couple that are hosted in the US.

The Tapping World Summit Online

This is a free online telesummit event held once a year where people from all over the world can gather and learn about EFT and how it can change their lives.

The first Tapping World Summit was held in 2009 by Nick Ortner of TappingSolutions.com. Since then more than 2 million people have attended the previous 9 virtual online events to gain a better understanding of the technique and how to use it in their everyday lives.

The summit runs for 10 consecutive days and provides participants the opportunity to expand their consciousness to new levels in areas such as emotional freedom from limiting beliefs, physical health, relief from trauma and overcoming long-standing mental barriers.

The sessions are presented free of charge with an option to purchase the recordings and using to tap along with the experts as many times as they wish. The Tapping World Summit 2018 will take place on the 25th February, 2018.

The New York Center for EFT 4th International EFT Summit 2017

This summit is the perfect place for individuals, therapists, psychologists, relationship counselors, and mental health professionals to meet the experts and learn about the latest EFT research, techniques, and industry secrets. Top notch experts share their knowledge in the field of emotional healing to help others strengthen their ability to work from an attachment perspective. The last summit took place this year from October 12-14, 2017 in San Diego.

Global Compact Summit Agenda and Vision

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Global Compact Summit is a resource to build the solutions of the future.

Our agenda is to focus on the sustainability of current and upcoming solutions. This website provides a platform for agents of change around the world to receive the latest information to help find solutions that benefit all parties involved.

We hope the information on our site can encourage peer-to-peer discussions with decision-makers from the international community. This discussion will allow various involved parties to find trends to make strategic frameworks that can answer the most current and relevant social and economic issues.

The Global Compact Summit is a commitment to inspire solutions on key principles. We aim to help organize the planning of strategy and operations for organizations that take their social responsibility and initiative to work with local communities to find the best solutions for problems.